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Gizmodo points out a Study: We Feel We Need More Than One Screen to Watch Television (Power of Relationships) (Click for Full Article)

Apparently it isn’t enough to watch one screen these days.  Gizmodo points out that we feel like we need to watch TV and talk about it with others at the same time.  So Twitter, facebook, and other social media sites are augmenting how we experience entertainment in our own living room.  OK - That was obvious.  Just look at all the Youth Ministers chatting away on Twitter (Me - @dannonhill for instance). 

This is nothing new for us, but take a minute to picture your kids.  They have a laptop on one side with their report being edited, an ipad with their source books loaded, and texting and replying on facebook while watching American Idol. 

Ok - that’s a bit extreme, but it happens.  How does this affect them personally?  We know that they are strung out and that they have a hard time winding down for the night.  They get texts while sleeping.  How can you help them develop healthy tech habits?  In our youth group we have had parents take away tech over and over because of lowering grades being a direct result of stress from tech and constant connect.

Somehow we need to model good tech use.  Talk about it with your kids with you hang out.  Show them how to turn off their phones.  Tell a story about how you limit yourself and have discipline…be the role model you know you want to be.  Good luck bros and sisters of tech and YM.

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