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I ran across this video on facebook (and I’ll note that there is some profanity in it). ¬†Basically, a father, who is an IT Specialist found out that his daughter was being ungrateful (not an uncommon teenage phenomenon). ¬†He was blocked from her account, but was able to figure out what she was posting regardless - it wasn’t good. ¬†Her father decided to read her note about her Parents on Youtube. It is not yet a phenomenon, and it may never become one because I think that parents are mixed.

(1) Should parents embarrass their children for their selfish moments?  So publically?

(2) What is a response of Love? How are the parents modeling how you deal with situations?

It is obvious that this is how parents feel everywhere. ¬†They don’t feel valued, they don’t feel like they are making progress, and they are hurting. ¬†This dad is letting his steam go in a public forum. ¬†I doubt this will have a positive result - especially if millions end up watching it. ¬†I also wonder how her friends are responding to this. ¬†Teens are not good with someone who has been marked as a national pariah. ¬†May not be good.

Parents - I know that parenting sucks sometimes. ¬†Much of the time. ¬†But your good work and your good modeling of adult behavior is the single most influential pillar in your child’s life. ¬†Think about how you deal with their behavior, be on the same page as your spouse or other guardians. ¬†And take away the laptop - sell it on ebay - no need to shoot it with exploding rounds! ¬†:D

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