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Seriously Youth Pastor - Get on Facebook NAO!

The main reason that I have heard from other youth ministers for not being on Facebook is “I tried it, but I saw crazy things about my youth, and so I deleted it.”

First of all, I think that deleting something because you saw too much is a bad excuse to delete.  First of all, your youth need you there to remind them that they need to be civil no matter where they are.  Social Profiles have been testing grounds for youth personality and identity for a while and you are a part of that process.  By being a presence (and yes, doing the messy “I can’t believe you said that” conversations, you help teens integrate their online morality with their real world morality.  You help them integrate all the different codes they maintain, and actually help them have less stress in their lives.  Unfortunately not less stress for you, but that is what you signed up for.  Get tough skin and jump back in.

Benefits of successful integration into your youth’s social network:

(A) You can promote events easily.

(B) You can plan events online through groups.

(C) Your youth talk with you, and you can do less home calls (I love that one).

(D) Kids start texting you after a while (and you know you’re loved then!)

(E) You see what their interests are and who they hang out with by what they “like” and comment on. 

Ultimately, Facebook is a great communication tool when used right.  Learn proper social network etiquette and teach it to your youth by role modeling it.  Call them out in love (in a private message) when their out of hand, and be a presence for Good and represent the Kingdom of God online! It takes time and some sweat equity, but it is rewarding when it begins working right.

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