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It would have been hard to avoid watching Rebecca Black’s youtube video sensation (infamous as it was) “Friday”, which was likely one of the strangest videos to go viral. The song was literally about the days of the week, and then had a strange ending with teens “Partying” aka, riding in a¬†convertible¬†car and jumping up and down. ¬†The video was eventually taken down due to the overwhelming bad vibe that had gone out to Rebecca who is a young girl after all.

Today she released a new song “My Moment” (watch above), in which she talks a bit about the experience and how she feels like this is now “her moment” since everyone is now looking at her. ¬†The good news is that the video is not bad at all. ¬†It is still highly¬†

produced, but it is light years beyond what was produced earlier.  If you watch the video yourself, you will see that good people have come alongside her and helped her revamp her image quite a bit.  There are choreographers, great outfits, smiles, less wooden 

movements, well written music, and she sings like most pop stars do now in the electronic fashion.

Watch and see for yourself. ¬†I’m glad that Rebecca Black is coming out of her “blacklisting”. ¬†Will your youth give her another chance.¬†It will be interesting to see how much grace factors into this. ¬†In entertainment, is there forgiveness for odd events?

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